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Massive Amount of Worldwide International Students

  • 523,700+ Chinese students went abroad to study in 2015
  • Most popular destination for Chinese undergraduates: South Korea
  • Most popular destination for master’s students: U.K.
  • Most popular destination for Chinese PHD students: US
  • 900,000+ Chinese students are currently studying abroad.

In 2015 a record 523,700 students registered to study abroad. Chinese students choose to study abroad to leave their homes and gain more international exposure.

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How to Attract Worldwide Overseas Students?

3 of the Most Effective Education Marketing Strategies in Worldwide

Social Media Marketing

Worldwide students are active social media users, educating them about the benefits of your educational institution through social media can be instrumental in their choice for study.

KOL Promotion

Worldwide KOLs have significant influence on social media users of various age groups, but are particularly effective with younger users. Leverage their influence to promote your school.

QR Codes

Posting QR codes in online content and at campus recruitment events allows students to access information about your school in convenient locations.

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