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Large Format Digital Billboard

Whether you are interested in digital billboards, static billboards or solar kiosks, Times Square advertising is accessible to companies of all sizes. Here are some fun facts from Times Square Alliance: Times Square only occupies 0.1% of New Yorkʼs total land area but generates 10% of the Cityʼs economic output. 174 Million People enter in to the Times Square Bowtie annually. 53% of Residents are considered high income, educated young professionals who are mobile and progressively early adopters with cutting-edge retail preferences. 47% of visitors continue to share on social media after their visit to Times Square.


Need a Wikipedia expert to create your Wikipedia page? Well, that’s our specialty. Wikipedia editing is what the company was founded upon and still accounts for the majority of our business.

Our Wikipedia writing service includes page creation, updating, monitoring, and translation. We know the thousands of rules and guidelines associated with writing a Wikipedia page. We adhere to all rules regarding notability, style, tone, and referencing. Let us navigate the complexity of Wikipedia while you focus on your business.

We have been trusted by thousands of people like you looking to hire a Wikipedia expert. Find out more about our Wikipedia editing services which have been talked about by many publications, including Time Magazine, International Business Times, and The Atlantic. We even wrote the book on Wikipedia marketing.

We are a boutique public relations firm and our media outreach strategy is tailored specific to your needs. We can target specific publications where you want press coverage and obtain brand mentions and even featured articles. Stop spending tens of thousands of dollars to brand yourself through the big name public relations firms. Let us take care of your media outreach for a fraction of the cost.

Backlinks are still one of the strongest rankings signals. Links are good, but how you acquire them can be bad. In a world where Google will penalize you quickly for unnatural link building, you need to make sure you obtain links through white-hat methods. We are able to acquire links from many websites to incorporate link diversity and build your link profile in a manner that helps you rank, not get penalized.

Note – Although Wikipedia editing is our specialty, we do not engage in link acquisition from Wikipedia. Find out why in this article we wrote for Content Marketing Institute.

Reputation management is important if you want to retain your clients. Managing your reputation is as important as building it which is why you need a reputation management plan. We can help you manage your reputation prior to anything negative happening. We can also help clean things up if something does happen. Don’t leave your good name in the hand of trolls.

KOL Influencers

In this way, the brands’, products’ or service providers ‘could post some contents and pictures on their own official account first, then pay KOLs to share their posts on the KOLs’ own account. This means using KOLs to help you spread your own voice and opinions. This works well on both Weibo and WeChat.

This way can be used to promote brands, products, services, campaigns and so on. The point is you need to select the right KOL who has the similar sense and level with what you want to promote in the market.

You could provide some gift cards or little gifts related to your business to your KOL, then your KOL could send these gifts to their selected fans as rewards. This action could raise the public interest and excitement about your products or brands. You could require them to create some giveaway campaigns on their social account and encourage their fans to take part in them. Normally, KOLs get paid by sponsored posts and giveaways separately. This might be because of the complex and extra time it takes them to advertise and promote giveaway promotions.

Product reviews could be useful products, services and brands. People normally like to check the reviews about what they are going to buy. If they read positive reviews, they will be more inclined to buy. Contact bloggers and give them a reason to post positive reviews about your business in order to efficiently start building your reputation.

This is a complicated marketing solution. You need to invite different KOLs to take part in the promotion and ask them to compete with each other. Brands could ask them to make original videos, comics or other creative things to join the contest. Then KOLs need their followers to vote for them in the competition. It could be an efficient way to attract new customers and connect to KOL fans. However, this marketing solution needs large budgets, and the price will be really expensive comparatively.

Social Media Marketing

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