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Chinese Media Advertising

Neotech builds strategic, engaging experiences that reinforce credibility, and turn prospects into leads. Our developers create websites that are customized for each client’s specific needs.  Our sites are attractive and extremely well designed. We work to develop a website that flawlessly operates, reinforces your brand’image, and brings a good users’experience.

Responding to the client’s needs, we maintain the site secure with the latest software patches and upgrades, adapting to best practices on the web. Because , we are focusing on long-term relationships, you will be assigned with a dedicated Digital Account Manager who will be your first point of contact for all your ongoing website support needs. Usually, every month, we have a meeting with the client to ensure that projects stay on track and that we’re on hand to provide ongoing support whilst also recommending appropriate improvements to your site.

Reputation means everything especially in China, your business can succeed or fail based on your reputation in the digital era. The ease at which comments made online is just amazing. So, it’s essential to take a time and think about your online reputation management strategy in order to monitor and respond to positive comments and erase negative one.

Our Online Reputation Management Process:

  • Customers Review Campaigns: Customer feedback and reviews is an entire part of good customer service.
  • Online Monitoring Brand: Online Monitoring brands is essential to be able to respond quickly to both positive and negative comments.
  • Responding to Comments: Our team works for you to stay on top of all the channels that these can come through.
  • Negotiating Negative Review Removal: we can fix your image by removing or editing bad comments. Using a mixed approach of content marketing and digital PR, Neotech will seed information online that reassures potential customers about the value your business can offer.

Our Online reputation management services can help both small and big businesses with a complete range of online public relations, branding and digital marketing solutions. Our extraordinary team of experts have worked with some of the international brands in the world.

Weibo(Chinese version of Twitter) is the second largest Chinese social network with more than 650 internet active users. It is leading Chinese social media platform for people to create, and distribute Chinese content.

Neotech helps international companies to adopt the right Weibo marketing strategies in China by creating a buzz Weibo advertising campaigns through Banner advertisements, Weibo search engine promotion, Fan Headlines for better fan engagement, interaction and increase the brand online presence. We target an audience that interacts directly with your brand building a long and loyal customer relationship through Weibo.

Our Weibo services:

  • Set up Weibo account: We manage all administrative procedures to provide a certified account.
  • Animation of your page: We create an authentic graphic in accordance with your brand spirit by adapting it to the Chinese market.
  • Management of your Weibo page: Content management is very important if you want to keep your fanbase very attached to your brand. We update your content regularly and optimize it
  • Monthly Results analysis: We will send you a monthly report and an analysis of the results.

Gentlemen Marketing Agency is a Wechat Agency. We raise awareness, increase engagement and encourage traffic on Wechat for our clients. We create a Marketing Advertising campaign and help brands to sell on wechat.

As a professional WeChat marketing agency since 2011, We has been involved in the rapid evolution of the Chinese digital environment, especially during the massive rise of WeChat over the last few years.


We help international companies to integrate WeChat to enter China market. Our WeChat solutions include WeChat Official Account Setup, WeChat Advertising, Wechat store, and WeChat Pay.

  • WeChat official account set up: Contents will be posted regularly in order to establish and maintain your social media presence.
  • Personalized content: We’ll create authentic, relevant and high-quality content, including images and articles, to attract your audience.
  • A team of Experts: Our team composed of native Chinese and foreigners with years of experience. We understand your expectations.
  • Monthly Report: After starting the project, we will send you a monthly report.
  • Wechat profile optimization: We’ll monitor and review your WeChat official account regularly to ensure that everything is on the right track.

The biggest challenge for international companies is that Google is blocked in China. Baidu the most popular Chinese search engine is the only way to gain visibility and rapidly reach your target in China.

Before starting an SEO on Baidu, you should get your Chinese website ready. You have to translate your English website into Mandarin Chinese. As Baidu especially targets Chinese consumers, the ad platform recommends Chinese language ads. We will do extensive keyword research and analysis, index your website in Baidu, and increase your keyword rankings for Baidu search in China

  • We translate your website into Simplified Chinese.
  • Hosting your website in China or near China for faster website speed
  • We optimize your website for the Chinese internet.

We develop innovative Baidu SEO strategy to help you to index your website in Baidu, improve keyword rankings, and increase overall search visibility. We also helps the company to set up a Baidu PPC, we manage your Baidu PPC campaigns and ad groups, copywriting, set keyword bids, and on-going management.

With the rapid development of the internet, the way users search for and consume information changes. It’s impossible for any business to stay back and ensure that will reach them.

That’s why today, many businesses work with digital marketing agencies to reach top rankings position in search engines. And more important these digital agencies help them convert simple visitors into real customers in the most cost-effective way

But if you’re new in China, it can be difficult to find an agency that is equipped to help your business reach your goals. That’s where Neotech is your best solution because of the factor: experience.

As an online advertising agency, we can help your business thrive in China’s marketplace. Through authentic and relevant content development, search engine marketing, and post-campaign analysis. We will help you to establish and develop a strong online presence in this lucrative market.

We are building and managing online marketing campaigns for small and big companies. We are focusing on ROI(Return on Investment) and targeted results ensuring any custom-built pay-per-click (PPC) advertising plan. We manage every account daily and can provide clients with perfect monthly reports. Clients can learn which keywords and keyphrases generate traffic and sales for their business.

KOLs (key opinion leaders) have become a big part of any brand’s marketing strategies when operating in China. In fact, KOLs represent the modern society in China; they ride on a concept taken from the West which has been super-charged into massive earnings and income potential. They have more influence on Chinese consumer behavior and social trends than celebrities do. KOLs are active on Chinese social media platforms such as Weibo, WeChat, Little Red Book … and more, providing new authentic and relevant content for their huge fan bases. Compared to celebrity branding, working with KOLs reduces costs and is more accessible to consumers.

We are a KOL/Influencer Marketing Agency and we help you to find the right Chinese influencer for your business in China. From casting to The marketing campaign, we will develop and manage your brand recognition social media campaign.

Chinese Version Q&A

Gil Reich wrote the post Q & A About Using Q & A Sites to Build Your Business & Reputation (https://moz.com/blog/qampa-about-using-qampa-sites-to-build-your-business-amp-reputation), sharing his opinions and skills about building your brands by doing favors to people on Q&A sites.

This approach is also popular here in China, so today I would like to share a couple of the most popular Chinese Q&A sites with you. They can be powerful for your brand-building process if you use them right.

Baidu Zhidao (http://zhidao.baidu.com)

If your time and budget are limited and you can only choose one Q&A site for marketing purpose, choose Baidu Zhidao. Baidu is usually partial to its own products in the SERPs. The benefits of helping people on Baidu Zhidao are in several aspects:

  1. You build your brand;
  2. The question pages have good rankings;
  3. You can leave a link for SEO purpose (sometimes moderation is needed).

Yahoo Knowledge Temple (http://ks.cn.yahoo.com/) – a simplified Chinese version of Yahoo answers in China Mainland, different from that of Yahoo Taiwan

Sina Ask (http://iask.sina.com.cn) – Online Q&A services offered by Sina.com

Tianya Q&A (http://wenda.tianya.cn/) – Tianya’s Q&A platform

SOSO Ask (http://wenwen.sogou.com/) – A relatively new Q&A site brought to us by Tencent

Internet marketing based on online Q&A sites has been extremely popular even since

Social Media in China

Be on every platform on only focus on specialized platforms? We’ll be here to help you and select the right platform for you. We’ll build a roadmap and define objectives to reach your target.

We can develop for you a social advertising strategy in order to increase your awareness and reach your consumers more easily.

Promotion will be a big part of our daily work for you. Our goal will be to find new potential customers, make them become fans and make them stay loyal to your brand.

After building a solid social media strategy, our Community Managers will work to engage potential and current customers, media and all the other interesting audience. The first step will be to find the right community, integrate it and make it interact. Social media are the best place to react in case crises emerge. Our community managers know how to deal with it and we’ll help you to go through it.

As a Result oriented Chinese social Media agency we spend 80% of our effort outside of the account

Every month we’ll send you a report of our monthly actions. Then, every month you’ll receive a more detailed report on which we’ll as well set the next month objective.

Chinese Social Media Agency: Our pure digital team of experts specialized in the Chinese market will help you to develop a plan especially for your brand.

We will guide you at the conquest of the Chinese digital world and be you eyes in this market full of opportunities.

Now it’s your time to succeed on the Chinese market!

The social media landscape in China is totally different from what you are used to see in the West. Here, in China, WeChat and Weibo are right now dominant. Never heard about it? No worries, we’re here to help you and build your own strategy to reach your target.

Our digital mind allows us to imagine transverse and complementary campaign on different platforms to communicate with your customers and diffuse them your brand values.

Communicate to the right people at the right time is crucial if you want to succeed and develop your brand awareness among Chinese customers.

China SEO Optimization

Baidu focuses sites and pages based on certain criteria. These can be very different from what you might have faced on Google. Our agency has all the necessary expertise to optimize your site in China, and offers a comprehensive range of services related to this task. Chinese character keywords are the key in ranking in Baidu, content are acclimated to local readers to familiarized your website that they visited. 

Your site must have some technical attributes in order to be put forward by Baidu. One can evoke the title tags, the meta descriptions or even the meta keywords. Repetition of keywords is also preferred, as is a very home page, for example.

Quality content is first of all a fast loading speed of your pages. It is then necessary that your site be hosted in China. Moreover, Baidu only takes into account the Chinese language, you must then write your site entirely in Chinese in order to be well referenced.

Your content should of course appealing to your readers, but also be frequent and update regularly. Up-to-date website get the mostly traffic, due to fresh content is being publish frequent in keep return visitors interested.

These links from external sites are appreciated by Baidu. This is particularly the case when they come from highly recognized or governmental sites, for example. Our expertise in the field will enable you to get these quality backlinks. More quality backlinks contributes to better SEO to your website, improving overall website relevance and search hits. Thus, higher traffic volume in visitors.

Chinese Media Advertising

As a professional China marketing agency, we have rich experience helping brands grow

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