7 Utility Types of Press Release.

7 Utility Types of Press Release.

There are different types of press release based on the announcement your brand is planning to make. Each type represents an initiative to fulfil a brand’s marketing needs. Here are 7 types of press release and how to properly use them.

Product Feature Press Release

Major companies like Apple are still using press release whenever they have a product launch or a product upgrade. They have an army of fans that discuss their products on social media, blogs, forums, etc. Why do they even bother to use a press release? Press release can convey sufficient user experience details that can encourage journalists to try or feature the product themselves. Despite them being a fan or not, they will most likely write their experience into a newsworthy story.

If your product is not new in the market, then do not just highlight the attributes or functionalities. Especially if they have no major differences among your competitors. Make the time worth reading. Highlight how your brand stands out among competitors, the aspect of your product that your competitor does not possess.

You can provide a few exclusive outlets as a pre-launch gimmick to heat up the hype for your product. However, do you have plans in distributing your news to exclusive outlets? No? Then you should first submit your press release a couple of days before your launching date. The timing is very crucial at this part as the hype of your product would not last forever. Journalists that received an earlier press release of your product will be given time to contribute a better coverage for your product.

An Event Press Release

The general usage for an event press release is to raise brand awareness. It can be an event that you are hosting, sponsoring or attending. The importance of the event is to obtain media coverage, therefore timing is very important. Ensure that you’ve prepared your press invitation with the right details, who organised the event? what is the event about? When and where will it be and why did your company organise the event? You can then distribute the details and your press release before the event date to journalists. Even if it is newsworthy, but your invitational details are unclear, it will decrease the likelihood that they will cover your event.

The attendees of your event are equally important as well. If your event requires ticket purchasing or a pre-registration, make sure that your release has these details. Similarly to the journalists that you are hoping to attend, provide details and contacts for them to register.

Lastly, your event press release should cover elements of why is it worth attending. Will the attendees and journalists benefit by attending your event? Include the values of your event and this will definitely intrigue attendance. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Charity Press Release

A CSR initiatives or a charity press release are exceptional strategies to let your existing clients and the public know that your company is not just all about profit making. A CSR initiative press release are ways to tell your audiences about your good deeds towards the environment. Often used when your company is doing harm at first and then redeeming them by doing more good instead. Show your concern your company has towards society, give them a glimpse of your company culture.

CSR and charity initiative are exciting news for your fans and new readers. It is not wrong to brag a little about the activities that your company is contributing to. Be cautious of not over promoting your deeds, journalists and readers can sense if you are trying too hard.

Create an impact for your readers, provide stats and show them how much your contribution did. Excite your readers by telling how many people were involved, the hours spent or even the total amount of money contributed. 

Include a quote from a reputable executive in your company and make it certain it has human values in it. The message should have emotional elements for your charitable caused and what does the initiative meant to your company.

Select a feature image that includes how your company’s effort and support have made an impact. You can place images like a before and after event, a cheque of the total donated / funded amount, the project they are building, etc. 

Award Press Release

An award press release is used to announce to the public for your achievements. Unless it consists newsworthy element, an award press release is rarely published. Thus, it is not advisable to submit every achievements your company has achieved. Only submit major ones that can position your company as an industry leader.

The go-to-way to write an award press release is from a business standpoint. Do not exaggerate your success, but only to highlight what your company have achieved. Be objective and avoid emotional languages and unnecessary punctuation. Express your achievements by telling your readers how it will allow your company to achieve higher mission. Let the readers feel that your success will benefit them.

Prepare a speech for your top management and let it be your quote for the press release. Be certain that the statement has human element in it. Nobody would want to hear a bragging statement. People would want to hear the insights and values that derived from your CEO or president, an appreciation statement, a stepping stone statement, and so on. 

New Hire Press Release

Often used by bigger companies to formally announce a change in leadership or an arrival of a well-known executive in the company. The announcement made is generally to inform investors, clients and the public of the changes that are being made.

In this type of press release, you need to feature the professional background of the new hire. Describe his or her skills and achievements and what can they bring to the company. Give information for readers to better understand what to expect from the new hire. State out their past positions, famous companies that they have previously worked for.

What drew the new hire to your company? Express this in a quote from the new hire. Create excitement from your company and let your new hire highlight their key responsibilities and priorities.

Partnership Press Release

If there is a partnership with your company being involved with another reputable company, it is best to announce it officially in a partnership press release. Your company and your partnered company both have their specific client base. Your press release should not only  favour one side. Address your message appealing to both side, maintain a balance of relationship for your clients and your partner’s clients. By aligning your message with values and communicate effectively upon the changes that will benefit you and your partner’s audiences. Successfully, you can leverage your partner’s audience to gain more brand exposure. 

Excite your investors by explaining why was the partnership made and what are the changes they can expect. You can manage to attract potential investors if you clearly state out the improvements that are going to happen during this partnership.

Delight your audiences if your partnership has unlocked new features, services or experiences that user can get access upon, you can take that opportunity to highlight them in the press release.

Rebranding Press Release

If your company is phasing into a merge, an acquisition, a change in product direction, then it will be very helpful that your company has a rebranding press release. It is very important to communicate this message to your stakeholders and customers, as it will remain or increase the position of your brand identity. 

Details of what has been changed are important in the press release, for example, are there new pricing scheme for your products or services? Are there any changes of products or features offered? Is there an updated company logo? Specify clearly and inform your audiences what they are to expect from the changes.

A rebranding press release is an opportunity to create curiosity and excitement for the changes that are about to happen. Readers would love to know whether your changes will improve their customer experience. What are the benefits they are getting from the new direction your company is moving?

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