7 Techniques That Will Ensure Your Press Releases to Be Publish.

7 Techniques That Will Ensure Your Press Releases to Be Publish.

Writing a press release that stands out among hundred & thousands of press releases can be a challenge. The frustration you get when realising your efforts placed were not published. In this digital era, there are huge changes in how you are supposed to write a proper press release. Follow these simple 7 techniques that will ensure your press releases to be published.

Brief & Concise 

Never bore the journalists that are reading your press releases. Journalists receives over hundreds of press releases each day and studies shows that each release are spent a minute or less to be read. Simple eye-catching headline and brief context with relevant information are factors to consider when writing a press release.

Attractive Lead & Body

Your lead and body do not have to be over creative all the time, being straightforward at times can be the key. Write something that when you read it, you will want to continue to read it, not otherwise. The purpose of a good lead is to allow journalists to proceed to the body of your press releases sub-cautiously.

Exclude Unnecessary Quotes

Always take into consideration whether quotes used in a press release have its value and significance. Ensure that their words have valuable insights in relation to the subject matter.  


Use good press releases as references, not as copying materials. Journalists have read countless of press releases so do not be alarmed when your press releases are not published even though you follow the steps of good press releases examples. Add in your personal touch in a press release, it could become a preference reading material to many readers.

Think & Write Like an Editor

A good pitch is where you can create a story and write it in the style in which what your brand presents. A good press release is to write it in the sense where you are publishing it for the media instead of your client. Let the editor visualise your work so that they can easily see the value in publishing your press release. 

No Attachments

Nobody likes to waste their time clicking more than once. It is more sincere to write your press releases in the email instead of attaching them in the email. Embed your multimedias low in the email instead of flooding the journalists with attachments of images.

Relevance Distribution

Do not overflow journalists with press releases in desperate hope for your news to be published. Analyse the correct target for your news and seek the right medium with relevance, only then distribute your press releases to them.

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