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We are Digital PR and ICO Marketing Company

Our exceptional marketing skill will ensure your project and brand image receive worldwide recognition.

Social Media Management

Contents will be posted consistently and regularly to establish and maintain your social media presence. We’ll monitor and review your social media account regularly to ensure that everything is on the right track.

Tailored Content

We’ll create fresh, relevant and high quality content, including images and editorials, that is appealing to your audiences.

Professional Team

Our team consists of highly talented individuals with years of experience. We understand your expectations, and will delivery without compromise.

Completely Hassle Free

After collecting all the required information, we will start working and send you a comprehensive report every month. We’ll deliver only the best result.

Full ICO Development

Full development of ICO from idea and business consultation to drafting whitepaper and smart contract token development. Furthermore, providing full range of web development, social media, listing on rating site, exchange site, and CoinMarketCap.

High flexibility

There are no contracts required. We offer month-to-month recurring plans. You can unsubscribe, re-subscribe, or change your plan at any time.

Our Services

We offer the most effective marketing solutions for international companies looking to reach out to the Worldwide Market.

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What does your agency do?

We offer monthly subscription services for Social Media Marketing in Worldwide. We focus on the hottest platforms in Global and China. Our team of professionals will help to choose the best digital strategies for your brand.

How can I pay?

You can pay directly on this website through our payment gateway. We accept both Credit Card and Paypal.

What will be the process after I pay?

After we receive a subscription to our service, we’ll have a meeting to discuss your company, your objectives, and your expectations.

First we’ll assign your company to a dedicated account manager. We’ll then start the process of official account creation (which takes about 2 weeks). As soon as your pages get approved we’ll start posting articles, written in Mandarin Chinese and English, that will appeal to your target audience. We’ll design each article with your target audience in mind and use compelling visuals to improve the quality of the content. Our posts will be done regularly each week. After which we’ll provide you with a monthly report including your follower growth and demographic information about your followers.

Can you place links in the social media content?

Yes! We’ll place links in all of our content to encourage users to travel to your company website. This will increase traffic and present new opportunities for conversion.

How will you know what to post for my company account?

After placing your order, our team will contact your shortly after to discuss and set up an appointment with you to discuss your needs and goals. Meanwhile, our market specialists will conduct research on your industry, target audience, and other key factors. Neo Tech believes that a complete understanding of our clients’ needs is key to conducting an effective social media marketing strategy.

Can I upgrade or cancel the package?

You can upgrade or cancel anytime you like. The contract will automatically be updated at the start of the following month.

Ready to Start Your Marketing in Worldwide?

We have a deep understanding of worldwide culture and what makes up an outstanding marketing strategy.

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